Miloš Milikić

Product Designer

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Product Designer

Apr 22, 2024

Finding beauty in chaos: embracing the creative journey

Creativity is a messy process. It’s filled with uncertainty and unexpected twists. And it’s never a straight line from mediocrity to brilliance. But, in that chaos lies the essence of creation.

Every creative attempt starts with a spark of inspiration, but what comes next is a journey of doubt and frustration. This stage is also called the “ugly phase”, and in that phase, progress feels nonexistent and work might seem hopeless. Yet, it’s inevitable.

However, it’s important to embrace that messiness and trust the process - to have faith in your abilities.

Then, after hours or days of work, that chaos starts to shape. The work finds its form, reminding us that persistence leads to greatness. But the journey doesn’t stop there since creativity is a continuous process and it’s defined by the journey itself.

The beauty is in the mess. So, embrace the chaos, keep pushing boundaries and keep creating, because true greatness lies within the chaos.