Miloš Milikić

Product Designer

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Product Designer

Mar 18, 2024

Hello World!

I have been using my Twitter account to share my thoughts since 2008. However, I find it difficult to express myself on certain topics due to the limited number of characters on the platform. Additionally, Twitter may not be the best medium for discussing certain topics, or publishing articles. As a result, I have decided to start a blog where I can share my thoughts, knowledge, and ideas more freely.

I plan to write about various topics such as design, apps, technology, tips, inspiration, and other things that interest me. I’ll aim to make it concise and precise, not too short like tweets, but also not too long to bore you.

Are you going to like it? I have no idea. As Orman Clark said in one of his tweets:

“Some will love it. Some will hate it. The vast majority won’t give a shit. Just do it.”

And I decided to do it! So if it happens, by some miracle, that you like what I write – please reach out and let me know. It would mean a lot to me.